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The Parish of Christchurch. Christchurch Priory, St George at Jumpers, St John at Purewell

House Groups

Last updated Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

There are currently two House Groups – one hosted and led by David and Heather and the other by Roger and Vivi. Both groups meet twice a month in the evening. They are a great way of getting to know people well and we do encourage you to speak to one of the leaders.

David and Heather’s group meet on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 7 pm. They start with an informal meal followed by bible study, discussion and prayer. Their telephone number is 01202 515473.

Roger and Vivi’s group meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.15 pm. They start with informal chat followed by bible study and prayer and aim to finish by 9 pm. Roger is on 01202 940549 and Vivi 01202 393697.

We are always looking for experienced leaders who might like to start additional groups.