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The Parish of Christchurch. Christchurch Priory, St George at Jumpers, St John at Purewell

Good Friday Liturgy

Last updated Friday, 10 April, 2020


The Liturgy of Good Friday



Before the service begins, you may like to find a cross or crucifix to have by you throughout this Good Friday meditation.


If you would like to follow the text of the liturgy, you can download a copy here: Good Friday 2020 pdf


When the service reaches the Veneration of the Cross, usually the Priory Chamber Choir would sing THE REPROACHES, a traditional text for Good Friday, in the setting by John Sanders (1933-2003).

If you would like to listen to this music while you contemplate the Cross of Christ, please pause the main video of the service and then click on the arrow in the second image below, which will take you to a performance of Sanders’ Reproaches on YouTube (once the Reproaches have finished, resume playing the main Good Friday video above).

To play the Good Friday service, click on the arrow in this image:




The Reproaches

We are grateful to the Rector, Vestry and Director of Music of St John’s Church, Elora, Ontario, who have given permission to use this video.

The words of the Reproaches can be found in the order of serviceGood Friday 2020 pdf    


After you have listened to the Reproaches, resume playing the main Good Friday video above, and you can continue to follow the text in the order of service.