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The Parish of Christchurch. Christchurch Priory, St George at Jumpers, St John at Purewell

Thy Kingdom Come

Last updated Saturday, 23 May, 2020

During the ten days between Ascension Day (May 21st) and Pentecost (May 31st), we will participate, with other churches in Christchurch Deanery, in 'Thy Kingdom Come', a world-wide prayer initiative.


The organisers say:

"... however important prayer is, we know the pray-er is called to action. So, this year we will be encouraging all not simply to pray that friends and family, colleagues and neighbours might encounter the love of God in Christ, but that they would experience that love in action. We are calling this ‘Prayer and Care’. Of course in churches up and down the country doing this is a daily reality, and this time of prayer gives itself to an even deeper engagement with the needs around us. There are a whole load of ways we are suggesting this could happen; by care, by contact, by service – but serving as Christ serves."


In addition to our regular online services of Eucharist and Morning Prayer, there are 3 special Deanery Online Services

Thursday May 21st 7pm - Ascension Day Eucharist hosted by Avon Valley Churches

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The service will be live on Avon Valley Churches Facebook page  : AVC Facebook



Sunday May 24th 7pm - Taizé-style Service hosted by the Parish of Christchurch

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Sunday May 31st 6pm - Celebration for Pentecost 

The service will be live on Avon Valley Churches Facebook page  : AVC Facebook



Prayer resources for individuals and families

Click for Prayer Journal

Click for Family Interactive Prayer Resources 

Click for "Thy Kingdom Come" website